Asset and Usage Details Machine 

- 144 * 215 * 90 cm (special order machine dimensions are also reduced or enlarged) 
- The machine is able to move back and forth through seamless and welded three pedals. 
- The selector switch through body movement can be stopped and planted small-sized beds. 
- The machine is controlled by two electronic motor drive 
- through three speed adjustment switches located on the control panel sewing speed, machine speed can be separately controlled. 
- due to reduced mechanical wear V gantry system it is minimum. 
- it can be mounted on the machine sewing machines 

A-PAFF 335 - Çavanozl (Lock) sewing machine
B-TAKING 300 - the Lüperl (chain) sewing machine 
C-SINGER 300 - UL lüperl stitch (chain) sewing machine